The 2021 Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards consist of 3 different competitions, the traditional, industry-judged cup, the High Squish Cup, and the 2021 People’s Choice Awards, a number of community-nominated awards.

The 2021 People’s Choice Awards consist of 18 categories. Contenders for these awards will be nominated by the general public in early November, 2021. Voting begins on 21 November, 2021. The first 100 guests to place their votes will have the chance to earn a VIP Swag Bag, full of awesome goodies from sponsors of the event. Starting in December, VIP Swag Bags will be available for pick up in person at Coffeeshop Info Centre in Amsterdam. Shipping options are available incase you cannot make it to Amsterdam. More information about VIP Swag Bags will become available when voting opens on 21 November.

2021 People's Choice Award Nomination Categories:

➢ Coffeeshop Of The Year
➢ Greenest Coffeeshop aka. Most Eco-Friendly
➢ Coffeeshop Barista Of The Year
➢ Budtender Of The Year
➢ Coffeeshop With Most Knowledgeable Personnel
➢ Coffeeshop Art Gallery Expo / Mural Of The Year
➢ Cannabis Industry Social Media Influencer Of The Year
➢ Cannabis Industry Photographer Of The Year
➢ Cannabis Industry Graphic Designer Of The Year
➢ Best Coffeeshop Flower Menu
➢ Best Coffeeshop Hash Menu
➢ Best Coffeeshop Edible Menu
➢ Best Coffeeshop Extract Menu
➢ Best Coffeeshop Lounge / Atmosphere
➢ Best Coffeeshop Beverage
➢ Best Coffeeshop Snack
➢ Best Rolling Papers
➢ Lifetime Achievement Award